Attunemen partners with Web Development Agency Ripplewerkz

Attunemen and Ripplewerkz offer integrated development-and-translation services for Multilingual Websites, Digital Marketing campaigns and Ecommerce

SINGAPORE  – September 21, 2016 – Attunemen, a Singapore-based provider of certified translation services across multiple industries and languages, has entered into a strategic partnership with Ripplewerkz. As part of the Netccentric Limited group (ASX: NCL), Ripplewerkz is an all-in-one media production house which offers high quality web design and development, mobile applications, print & graphics design, and corporate identity design. The partnership will see Attunemen and Ripplewerkz collaborating to offer brands accelerated multilingual web and digital marketing centric services and solutions, designed to help brands successfully engage their customers across various geographic locations.

Marketing Acceleration Through Services Integration

The Internet continues to level the playing field for new market players, as they compete against traditional brands and incumbent business leaders. Innovations in digital marketing technology enable adopters to acquire market share from traditional businesses, and scalable technology further magnifies how adopters will be rewarded with first-mover advantage.

“As global competition heats up, the brand’s ability to connect and engage with its global customers and in the shortest amount of time possible, has increasingly become the greatest contribution factor for business success. Whether to deploy a CMS or a CRM, which technology best fits business needs, appointing the right vendor for system integration, and even ensuring that support services such as content development and translation are well-integrated into the ensuing digital marketing framework to increase efficiency, all these facets determine the brand’s time-to-market and its chances of success.”

“Ripplewerkz is exceptionally well-known for their technical expertise in implementing digital marketing platforms, in particular multilingual content management systems and websites. We are proud to enter into this strategic partnership with Ripplewerkz, through which our translation services are integrated into technology platforms developed by Ripplewerkz”, said Kelvin Chan, General Manager of Attunemen. “Our combined offering gives brands the much needed means to accelerate engagement with their global customers, pull away from the competition, enjoy revenue growth through overseas market expansion, and significantly reduces the hassle and costs typically associated with non-integrated options.”

Lionel Chin, Managing Director of Ripplewerkz, adds, “We’re delighted to form a partnership with Attunemen, which enables us to value add to our clients by making their website multilingual with translations provided by a trusted partner, allowing our clients to possibly reach out to new markets abroad efficiently.”

About Ripplewerkz

Ripplewerkz is an all in one media production house which offers high quality web sites, web applications, graphics design, and corporate identity design. Our mantras, which are encapsulated in our work, are quality, efficiency and value. Our dedicated team puts their heart and soul into each project, ensuring a laser-like attention to detail and high levels of customization for each and every client, and are always ready to offer clients expert support and service at any stage of project development and beyond.

About Attunemen

At Attunemen, we help brands strengthen engagement with their international customers, through our language expertise available in over 150 languages. Our language and content services encompass web, document, audio and video translations, multi-lingual voiceovers, multi-lingual customer service support, and multi-lingual data processing. As a technology-led services company, we fulfil the traditional demands for multilingual business support services, and thrive at the forefront of the digital economy where we partner brands and help them succeed in their international digital marketing and Ecommerce endeavours.