Translation API with Rubify Estore to Simplify & Accelerate Cross-Border Ecommerce

Attunemen and Rubify Technology offer ecommerce engine with integrated translation support to simplify Multilingual & Cross-Border ecommerce for Online Retailers

SINGAPORE  – December 1, 2019 – Attunemen, a Singapore-based provider of certified translation services across multiple industries and languages, has entered into a technology partnership with Rubify. Both companies have signed a MOU to offer accelerated translation-as-a-service within Estore, a proprietary ecommerce engine developed by Rubify, enabling administrators to easily set-up custom-branded, multilingual e-commerce stores in days. On-going multilingual content updates will be greatly simplified, saving brands up to thousands of administrative and IT development hours annually. The integrated ecommerce-with-translation solution is designed to help brands successfully drive online sales and revenues across various geographic locations.

Rubify, a leading systems integrator for web, mobile & e-learning solutions, helps businesses develop their own branded e-commerce stores using Rubify’s Estore solution. Estore has been adopted by various leading brands to greatly simplify and expand their online business through web and mobile engagement with buyers.

Business Expansion Through Cross-Border Ecommerce

“Rubify has an amazingly talented technology team, and some of our customers have adopted Estore as their ecommerce engine. With this MOU, we are excited to co-develop and offer the fastest and most effective multilingual ecommerce solution in the world. The power of the Internet is that it opens up significant cross-border opportunities. With Attunemen’s translation services embedded into the core of Rubify’s Estore, customers will be able to seize the opportunity to significantly increase their addressable markets through this unique solution”, said Kelvin Chan, General Manager of Attunemen.

Willie Koo, Partner at Rubify, adds “The Internet continues to significantly disrupt the retail industry. In recent years, retailers have expanded their marketing efforts to attract online customers, and our Estore engine has been helping several retailers transition smoothly into the digital space. Besides high quality translations, Attunemen uses automation to offer one of the fastest, if not the fastest, translation services in the market. By integrating Attunemen’s Transflow API into Estore, we now have a complete solution which is the first in the market, to help retailers internationalise and capture regional and global customers.”

Integration of Rubify’s Estore and Attunemen’s Transflow API is underway and expected to complete in 2020. For any enquiries, please contact

About Rubify

Rubify Technology specialises in designing and developing web and mobile applications for people and businesses. By keeping up-to-date on the newest technological and business trends, Rubify provides excellent service and intricate tech solutions that promote productivity and profitability. Rubify’s team is made up of people with complementary strengths which allows for well-rounded and thoughtful tech products suitable for each client’s unique needs.

About Attunemen

At Attunemen, we help brands strengthen engagement with their international customers, through our language expertise available in over 150 languages. Our language and content services encompass web, document, audio and video translations, multi-lingual voiceovers, multi-lingual customer service support, and multi-lingual data processing. As a technology-led services company, we fulfil the traditional demands for multilingual business support services, and thrive at the forefront of the digital economy where we partner brands and help them succeed in their international digital marketing and Ecommerce endeavours.