Launch of Ecommerce Operations Support Services for Indonesia E-Marketplaces

Integrated suite of Ecommerce services to help E-retailers establish market presence & drive online purchases within Indonesia E-marketplaces

SINGAPORE  – February 09, 2021 – Since inception, Attunemen has provided a unique suite of cross-border growth services – namely, in the areas of certified language translations, as well as international digital marketing services. Through this combination, Attunemen has helped brands establish & deepen their presence in more than 45 international markets & grow their sales in the digital economy. Today, we are proud to announce that we now support ecommerce retail businesses who are looking to enter the Indonesia market, through an integrated suite of ecommerce operations support services.

Inevitable Rise of Ecommerce fuelled by Covid-19

Digital transformation for retail businesses & transitioning into online selling as E-retailers, has been ongoing for quite some time. As shoppers increasingly embrace online shopping over the years, the Covid-19 pandemic fuelled the inevitable growth of ecommerce. In the digital realm, businesses could continuously operate, and shoppers embraced the convenience of ecommerce from the safety of their home, in the wake of lockdowns in multiple countries and as other regular sources of entertainment such as dining & travel were curbed. As traditional businesses and retailers such as Robinsons faced bankruptcy & closure during the pandemic, the market witnessed ecommerce players & e-marketplaces enjoy unprecedented growth (most notably Amazon).

Ecommerce in Indonesia – the fastest-growing Internet economy in Southeast Asia

Home to 270 million people and currently the world’s fourth-most populous country, Indonesia’s ecommerce market has witnessed surging growth in the last decade. According to Business Insider in a recent article, it is the largest and fastest-growing internet economy in Southeast Asia, and will account for 50% of all e-commerce transactions in Southeast Asia by 2025.

Despite perpetual challenges in delivery logistics (due to Indonesia’s geography) and consumer payment options (card penetration is relatively low ), the market enjoys strong momentum. With the population’s median age at just under 31, technology adoption is rampant and is a key driver for ecommerce’s growth in the country. Attracting major ecommerce sellers from all over the world, internationally manufactured products are now listed and sold in leading Indonesian-speaking e-marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, and Lazada.

E-Marketplace Support Services for E-Retailers

As businesses continue to extend their shopfloors digitally across the globe to find new customers, Attunemen plays an integral part of this cross-border growth by supporting businesses through an array of activities needed for their ecommerce operations. We aim to give overseas sellers who are looking to grow their business in Indonesia the highest chance of success, by through solutions & services in the following areas:

Local Store Setup & Management
Localize your brand and store operations to generate local shoppers’ interest and sales. Establish your presence within multiple e-marketplaces (local store setup). Enhance your store & product information through language translations, enhancement of product descriptions and images, and timely management of store listings.
Customer Communications & Support
Develop trust and customer confidence by handling all forms of customer communications promptly and in local languages. This includes attending to product & delivery enquiries, responding to customer feedback or complaints, as well as coordinating product returns and replacements.
Increase Payment Options
Widen your pool of potential customers by offering a variety of payment options to your shoppers. With low card penetration, majority of shoppers now rely on alternative payment modes such as interbank transfers. We help businesses process payments locally so that shoppers who do not own a credit card can still become your loyal customers.
Product Warehousing & Shipping
Be more price competitive, and establish happy customers who receive your products within days and not weeks. Successful e-retailers recognize that drop-shipping only help up to a certain point, soon after the right local warehousing & shipping solutions for your business is needed to sharpen your competitive edge. Store your goods within our secured facilities and become a power seller.
Regulatory Compliance
Ensure long-term business viability and be a trusted seller. Certain products categories are regulated and will require local setup and appropriate licenses before selling to shoppers. Our statutory compliance and regulatory experts will assist you with fulfilling national/provincial requirements as needed.

“E-retailers should definitely tap into the massive opportunities available in the Indonesia market, which enjoys strong momentum due to its tech-savvy and young population, and other national factors. Leveraging our core internationalisation and digital capabilities, our own in-country presence, and the expertise of our strategic partners, we now simplify the process for E-retailers to establish their footprint in Indonesia. We certainly look forward to continuing to help brands build their own success stories, as we help them embark into overseas markets, be it through ecommerce and digitally, or otherwise.”, said Kelvin Chan, General Manager of Attunemen.

About Attunemen

At Attunemen, we help brands strengthen engagement with their international customers, through our language expertise available in over 150 languages. Our language and content services encompass web, document, audio and video translations, multi-lingual voiceovers, multi-lingual customer service support, and multi-lingual data processing. As a technology-led services company, we fulfil the traditional demands for multilingual business support services, and thrive at the forefront of the digital economy where we partner brands and help them succeed in their international digital marketing and Ecommerce endeavours.